LED Lighting in Light House Point, Sunrise FL, and the Surrounding Areas

LED lights have taken the lighting marketplace by storm for a good number of reasons of which the most noteworthy include its lower maintenance needs, reduced energy consumption and extended life spans. If you wish to switch over to LED lighting and reap its benefits, then call us at MMJ Electric right away. The different areas that we serve include Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Light House Point, Sunrise FL and Tamarac.

Benefits Galore

Below are 8 good reasons as to why you should switch over to LED lights. These include,

First and foremost, they consume about 50% less electricity compared to traditional halogen, fluorescent and incandescent options, which means good energy cost savings. The specialty of LEDs is that they emit light in a particular direction which helps in reducing wasted energy and light.

They will not fail or burn out, but will dim over time. LED lights come with an extended lifespan.

LED lights love the cold. With the drop in operating temperatures their performance will increase. This makes it ideal for freezers, cold storage spaces and refrigerated display cases along with outdoor applications like signage, building perimeter and parking lot.

They are breakage resistant as well as immune to vibrations along with other impacts.

It will provide you with 100% brightness right away.

They are unaffected via rapid cycling.

LED lights are compatible with controls.

They emit virtually no UV or IR.

If by now you are convinced with all the wonderful benefits of LED lights and wish to install them in your home then get in touch with us at 954-876-1536. Our team will assist you in every step of the way and ensure that you are completely satisfied and most importantly enjoy an absolute value for money.